Hello Earthling!My name is Ray (they/them)! I'm an artist and cartoonist who loves to draw original characters.I'm seeking paid opportunities to create short fiction comics and would love to contribute illustrations to art books.

Content Warning
The artwork and comics on this site may contain mild adult themes.
All of my explicit 18+ work is off-site with clear warnings.
If you're looking for my prehistory comics or academic work, please visit my other site!

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Content Warning
Some of the art in this gallery contains mild adult themes.
Clothed fictional characters kissing/touching. All characters depicted are 18+.


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Zero G
A sexy scifi comic for Oh Joy Sex Toy!

I'm booked until November 2023!
My rate is $60-$75 per page depending on the complexity of your project. I use Clip Studio Paint EX on an iPad Pro.
I worked as a colorist for Help Wanted by Payton Francis! My colors start in episode 127 (Answers, Part 7).

Comics & Illustration
I'm interested paid opportunities to create short fiction comics and would love to contribute illustrations to art books. I'm also sometimes available for private commissions.

A Note About CreditIf your project is intended for children or all-ages (or it makes you more comfortable in general), I'd be happy to be credited using my legal name which is not associated with my mature work. You may contact me here if you'd like to avoid all mentions of Ray Starshine in your correspondence with me.

Commissions open rarely and my supporters on Patreon get first dibs!

Portait: $100 per character

Half Body: $150 per character

Full Body: $200 per character

Half Body Sketch: $60 per character

Full Body Sketch: $80 per character

Original characters (OCs) only!You must provide a visual reference of your character. I will not work from a description alone.Prices are for ONE character in full color with cell shading and a solid/simple background. (Two characters is double the price and so on.) If your character is very complicated (intricate tattoos, elaborate outfit, wings, etc.) I might charge a little more.PayPal (USD) only! You must be 18+ and have your own PayPal account to commission me. Payment is due up front.You will receive a 300dpi image and a web sized image for personal use (art print/profile pic/etc). You may not resell or create products for sale with the image. You may not mint the image as an NFT. I will not accept any NFT/crypto/blockchain related projects.I will draw:
- humans, antho/furry, mild erotica (kissing/touching fully clothed 18+ characters), robots, aliens, animals, etc!
I will not draw:
- NSFW, nudity, gore, hate, real people, vehicles, any character that isn't an OC, characters that originated from an NFT
I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason without explanation.

How to commission me!Please email the following form to raystarart@gmail.com with "Commission for [your name]" in the subject line.Commission Type: (portrait, half body, full body, half body sketch, or full body sketch)
Brief description of your character's personality:
Pose/Expression/Mood: (optional)
Twitter username: (if applicable)
PayPal address:
After I accept your commission I will send you a PayPal invoice. Work will not begin until the invoice is paid in full. Please allow up to 8 weeks for me to finish your commission.Feel free to email me with any questions!! :)

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Star Mail is a bi-monthly mailing of flat printed goodies such as mini prints, stickers, zines, and comics made by me! Star Mail ships in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

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What am I paying for each month?
You are paying upfront for the production of the goodies I send in your bi-monthly Star Mail. For example, your November and December payments pay for your January Star Mail goodies. All of the billing cycles are listed below:
November and December: January Star Mail
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When will I be billed?
You will be billed the day you sign up and on the same day each month after until you cancel.
What payment methods do you accept?
I accept Stripe and PayPal!
Why is Star Mail shipped bi-monthly?
Shipping Star Mail bi-monthly allows me some breathing room between mailings and more flexibility to work on bigger/longer/fancier goodies from time to time!
How is Star Mail shipped?
Star Mail is shipped in an envelope or flat mailer with basic postage (no tracking).
How do I change my address, update my payment information, or cancel my subscription?
If you signed up with Stripe, please visit the member portal. If you signed up with PayPal, please refer to this help page for instructions. If you signed up with Ko-fi, please refer to this help page for instructions. If you run into any problems, please email me and I'll help you out!
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What should I do if my Star Mail is lost or damaged?
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